Vaccination for adults

Every year thousands of adults are killed because of vaccine-preventable diseases in U.S. and all around the world. Vaccination is also necessary for adults as necessary for children. Vaccines are helpful to boost our immunity to protect us from any diseases. Adults also need some vaccination because older people get more prone to vaccine-preventable diseases due to low immunity.

Why do adults need a vaccine?

Many adults don’t consider getting vaccinated. A study shows that many adults get severe infections and diseases that lead them to be hospitalized in the U.S. The vaccine helps boost immunity and protects against many serious diseases. Adult need vaccines because they are more prone to get infections during the job, travel, and other health conditions.

Does vaccine help lower the chance of spreading the disease?

Getting vaccinated means protecting yourself and your loved ones because some infections spread rapidly and people around you, infants, older people, and people undergoing cancer treatment, have low immunity. So this is also a risk factor for them if you don’t get the vaccine.

Why are vaccines necessary?

As an adult, you have many responsibilities for work and home. If you get sick, you don’t do your routine job and get disturbed. Vaccines help you to stay healthy with protection from many severe diseases.

List of adult vaccines

Every adult needs an immunization. If you are confused about which vaccine you need, ask your doctor. Following are some vaccines suggested to adults by doctors,

  • Hepatitis A/hepatitis B: both viruses affect your liver. This vaccine protects
    you for at least 25 years if you get the vaccine.
  • Chickenpox (varicella): you should take this vaccine if you do not get it in
    your childhood.
  •  Measles/ mumps/ rubella: these three are the most contagious infections.
  • MMR vaccine gives you protection from these diseases.
  •  HPV (human papillomavirus): this infection causes various types of cancer in men and women. Vaccine protects you from cancers.
  • Pneumococcal: this bacteria can cause pneumonia, blood infections and may lead to death. Adults who are 65 or above can take the pneumococcal vaccine.
  •  Tetanus/ diphtheria/ whooping cough (pertussis): these three conditions make you severely ill or may cause death. It would help if you got T.D. Every ten years. Pregnant women also can get TDaP in the third trimester.
  •  Flu: every year, you should take the flu vaccine. It will reduce the chances of getting flu or lessen the severity of flu.