School Physicals

Every growing kid completes their milestone with many changes in their growing body. School physical is helpful for parents and pediatricians to know that your child’s development is on the right path. 

Annual school physicals guide to know that your child is perfectly fine to attend school activities. A physical doctor also checks your immunizations if required. They check your child’s mental, physical, and social health. You can also discuss your concerns about your child’s health with our pediatricians. We will give you the best guidelines about your child’s health care and safety. 


Physical school is about head to toe checkup of your child’s body that includes,

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Pulse reading
  • Lungs, heart, and abdomen checkup
  • Blood pressure
  • Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, nose, and throat checkup

We determine any causes of concerns and need any treatment through these checkups.

Why a school physical is required?

School physical is helping to determine that your child is physically fit and vaccinated for going to school. School physical is saving your child and their classmates’ health. Each year school sports team asks about the school physical to know that the child is fit for sports activities. If your kid wants to join any sports activity in school, you should tell their pediatrician during physical, so they can check if your kid is fit for sports activities or not.

Benefits of school physical:

School physical help to determine the health condition of your child. A significant benefit of school physical is knowing your child is physically fit for daily activities. We are offering extended hours on weekdays and weekends for school physicals.