Physical Exams

A physical exam is your annual checkup by your doctor to determine your wellness. For a physical exam, there is no need to be sick. You can discuss your health changes with a doctor in the physical exam. The doctor takes a detailed checkup and listens to your health concerns. Your doctor suggests some tests according to your age and medical history.

Purpose of annual physical exam

A physical exam is about taking an annual checkup of your overall health. The purpose of a physical exam is to determine the general health condition of a person. It is necessary to get a physical exam annually. If your age is above 50, you must get a physical exam from your health care provider. This exam is helpful to know about your medical condition. If you have any symptoms, they can be treated as early as possible. Physical reduce chances of any future medical concerns. You can take necessary vaccines. It will help you to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Physical is also helps know about your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. 

What does a physical exam involve?

A physical exam is included,

  • visual acuity: the doctor will check your eye side with different techniques to k
  • Vital signs: the doctor will check your blood pressure/body temperature/heart-rate/breathing.
  • ENT examination: checking EAR, NOSE, and throat to determine any lymph node, thyroid, or other problems.
  • Cardiovascular asses: The doctor examines your heart rate and detects any problem.
  • Gastrointestinal examination: they will check your abdomen to see the performance of the liver, bowel moment, and other signs.
  • Neuro examination: checking for your nerves, muscles, and mental estate.
  • Skin checkup: the doctor will check skin and nails to see any skin disease on the body.
  • Muscles and bones assessment
  • Respiratory assessment: checking your lungs for any abnormal sounds that indicate lungs disease.

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