Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Durable medical equipment is medical supplies that you can use at home in some medical conditions to get a better living, such as wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, oxygen supplies, and other durable devices that can use for the long term. Durable medical equipment can ease a person’s activities or needs that he can avail only in a hospital. These medical equipment have been useful for many years as they are durable.

Usually, DME is covered by Medicare plan if durable medical equipment criteria are:

  • It can use repeatedly (durable)
  • Only use for any medical reason
  • DME is not for a healthy person( who is not ill or injured)
  •  It’s for home use
  • We can use it for a long time (maximum three years)

What includes durable medical equipment?

Some of the leading equipment that is included in DME is listed below:

  • Wheelchairs
  •  Canes
  •  Crutches
  •  Blood glucometer
  •  Glucometer strips
  •  Hospital beds
  •  Commode chairs
  •  Continuous passive motion devices
  •  Home infusion service
  •  Infusion pumps
  •  Lancet devise and lancet
  •  Oxygen equipment
  •  Nebulizer and nebulizer medicine
  •  Patient lifts
  •  Suction pump
  •  Walker

Make sure your Medicare plan covers all the above DME.

Who needs DME?

People who experience a chronic disease or an injury or recovering from surgery may need
DME. Your doctor prescribes you DME as your condition needs. There are many options that
you can rent, buy, or may ask if your Medicare plan covers it or not. Durable medical equipment
helps an affected person to live well at home. Older people who face mobility issues and
disabilities also need durable medical equipment. We provide knee braces, back braces, and
other DME to help you do your daily activities with ease.