DOT Exams

(FMCSA) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration designed a physical and mental exam for joining a commercial motor vehicle company. It is necessary to get a DOT physical certificate for a commercial driver because it assures the driver is fit for commercial driving.
If you are going to be a commercial driver, your company may ask you about for DOT exam. It is a health examination that is mandatory for all commercial drivers. It will determine that you can safely drive a commercial vehicle. DOT physicals are for those drivers who drive,

  •  A vehicle that carries more than 8 to 15 people.
  • Vehicle that has a gross weight of about 10.000 or more pounds
  • Vehicle for hazardous material transportation should display a warning placard.

A DOT exam includes different parts include

  • A vision test
    In a DOT exam, your doctor checks your eyesight. They may ask about prescription glasses if
    you wear them.
  • A hearing test
    A test doctor will check your hearing ability with or without equipment in a hearing. You should
    be able to hear a whisper around five feet away.
  • Urinalysis
    Through urinalysis, the doctor will determine any underlying health condition.
  •  Blood pressure/ heart rate
    Blood pressure monitoring will help determine that you can fit for an extended drive period.
  •  Physical examination
    In DOT examination doctor does a complete physical exam that includes,
    – Lungs & Chest (breathing)
    – Neurological (balance, reflexes, speech)
    – General appearance (weight, drug/alcohol problems)
    – Abdomen & Organs (unusual masses, hernias, weakness)
    – Vascular System ( blood flow, varicose veins, weak pulse rate)
    – Limbs (Loss or damage, weakness)
    – Mouth & Throat (breathing and swallowing)
    – Skeletal (limitation, tenderness)

Vaccines Include in DOT exam


The doctor may ask about some vaccines in the DOT exam include:

  • Influenza (Flu)
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Polio/ Tetanus/ Typhoid

Detailed health history

The doctor also may ask about your medical history include,

  •  Any surgery you had in past
  • Medication you take
  •  Alcohol/ drug/ substance use
  •  Any other medical condition you had

Do I repeat the dot physical every year?

Suppose you don’t have any serious issues like low/high blood pressure or other conditions
affecting your driving ability. Your DOT certificate is good for two years. But if you experience
some health issues, you can receive a one-year or three-month certificate according to your
 DOT exam is about the physical examination of (CMV) drivers. We determine that a driver is
mentally, physically, and emotionally fit for driving a commercial motor vehicle through DOT.
Make an appointment if you need a DOT examination.