We aim to serve with the best treatments and diagnoses under our well-qualified doctors and expert staff supervision

High Quality Lab

Better diagnosis helps doctors and patients make decisions about treatment. Our high-quality lab diagnosis is well through Labcorp

Qualified Doctors

We provide the best treatments and diagnoses by applying our best knowledge and expertise.

Qualified Staff

Our qualified staff is always available to give their services to achieve your health goals.

We are open Mondays from 8:am to 5:pm 
Friday from 8:am to 12:pm 
Saturdays from 8:am to 2:pm
Sundays closed 

If you are a returning patient, please call us directly to schedule your next appointment.


“Telehealth! A smart move”
Seek expert’s advice at the comfort of your home.Due to the prevailing covid-19 pandemic, you can seek expert advice & treatment without coming to the office. No more clinic visits. Pick up your phone, tablet or laptop to make a live audio-visual or line call for consultation.
Medical Symptoms Questionnaire
(Health coaching)



Care For Elderly

Premier Health is Providing health care and assistance with activities of daily living for older adults either at home or in care facilities

Knee Regenerative Therapy For Arthritis

This non-operative, outpatient procedure is designed to provide relief for patients with arthritis of the knee. The technique allows the physician to inject hyaluronic acid using fluoroscopic guided needles for maximum accuracy. This cushions and relieves the joint over a few weeks to see significant results.


We at Premier Health Center provide a range of services related to internal medicine. Our team of expert providers who specialize in applying their scientific knowledge and clinical expertise in diagnosis, treatment and amelioration of your health through functional medicine health coaching.

Health Coaching

Premier Health is Providing Health coaching is about changing your lifestyle and improving physical health. A health coach will provide services to people who suffer from chronic diseases. In other words, a health coach motivates people to make healthy well-being. Health coach applied their scientific knowledge to patients

Vaccination for Adults

Premier Health is Providing Addiction and Substance use disorder is complex a condition in which there is uncontrolled use of a substance despite harmful consequence

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Knee Braces
Back Braces

DOT Exams

Our provider is a certified examiner for Department of Transportation (DOT). Please make an appointment today for a physical.

Behavioral Health

Our clinical team is dedicated to helping patients achieve or enhance their psychological wellbeing. Treatment programs are designed to help individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, ADHD, relationship difficulties, addictions, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, and Schizophrenia. We offer a range of services including initial psychological evaluation, individualized therapy and medication management.


Afaque Akhtar MD

Board Certified Internist, Doctor,

Tarannum Khan

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach


Most insurances are accepted. However, it is better to confirm if your health insurance plan includes access to our healthcare services and learn the specifics of your coverage. Customer service representative of your insurance company is the relevant person to inform of the level of coverage you will have at Premier Health CentreEffective January 1st, 2021, Premier Health Center will be a Cigna Care Designated and Tier 1 provider. Only providers who meet Cigna’s specific quality and cost-efficiency criteria can receive this designation.


Check my symptoms

A public website that allows people to enter their symptoms and determine if they should get tested for COVID-19.

Find My Testing Place

A public website that allows people to input their county or ZIP code and access a list of nearby testing site locations online 


Premier Health Center offers monthly presentations to educate our patients and help them with social determinants of health
These presentations are for anyone looking for help with or information about Health Conditions that affect them.
Dr Akhtar will be providing free classes at our clinic during his lunch break from 1-2pm.
Please arrive early and call our office to put your name on the list so we have a total count.

Best of all enjoy!

Jan 30th Obesity

Feb 20th Dementia

Mar 20th Falls Precaution

April 24th Smoking

May 22nd Obesity

June 26th Diabetes

July 24th High Blood Pressure

Aug 21th Smoking

Sept 25th Addiction

Oct 23th Falls Precaution

Nov 20th Dementia

Dec 25th Obesity


Relating Health and Weight

Guiding and Helping Hands

Teens and Diabetes: A Challenging Combination


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